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Hawkeye grand opening in 1978 ;














DEB Music with Al Campbell, Jux and dub ;










Bob Marley with Satisfy my soul and Upsetter's Smile Jamaica (1978, may) ;




















The good times sounds from the one and only Big Youth (June, 1978) ;















Sheila Hylton Island product (June, 1978) ;













Derrick Harriott One Stop with Dennis Brown ;











Lightning release of Dennis Brown at Joe Gibbs LP (july, 1978) ;









French Jah Live record shop & label order form of sept. 1978 ;
















Knowledge as produced by Tapper Zukie (october, 1978) ;













Phase One selections (november, 1978) ;













Different with Abyssinians, Mabrak, Earth and Stone, Max Romeo and Pablo Moses (november, 1978) ;













JA Cash and Carry + Kiddus I ads from 1978, also Augustus Pablo & Hugh Mundell (thanks to Graal) ;















Front Line ad with Jah Lloyd, I-Roy, U-Roy and the Gladiators (1978, april) ;


Hawkeye and Cha-Cha in april ;









Cha-Cha again with Clint Eastwood and the Revolutionaries (both in july) ;







Greensleeves with Ranking Joe and Jah Thomas in august ;


Studio 16 press of Fay's King Tubby and Upsetter dub (1978, august) ;


I-Roy on Virgin from march, 1978 ;


DEB "Black echoes" album from august of 1978 ;


Joe Gibbs shop & Studio 16 advert of december, 1978 ;


Trojan advert of september, 1978 ;



A Third World poster : Journey to Addis Abeba on Island, also next album below ;




























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