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ALL ADVERTS FROM the 80's and 90's

Augustus Pablo records and Congo Ashanti label + Gregory Isaacs African Museum (both in 1980) ;














Lee Perry for dutch Black Art 12" release from february, 1980 ;














Alvin Ranglin's GG label release advert from march, 1980 ;



Mutabaruka's Check it for Chinna's High Time (1980) ;














Third World great live LP (1980) ;














December, 1980 Cha-Cha advert with Linval Thompson produced "Kiss somebody" hit with Johnny Osbourne and "Mr.

skabeana" from Alton Ellis ;










Barrington Levy on JB (January, 1980) ;










JA's Cash and Carry + Negusa Nagast adverts from 1980 (thanks to O. Albot) ;
















Famous Skateland Roller Disco often used for reggae shows + Sonic Sounds advert in the 80's (thanks to O. Albot) ;










JA's Taxi production (Sly & Robbie) from 1980 (thanks to O. Albot) ;










Island promo sheet for the "Rockers" movie in the 80's ;











Tony Tuff album on Grove label (1980, october) ;




















Alton Ellis LP, Johnny Osbourne disco on Cha Cha & Ranking Dread LP  (1980, november) ;











Babylon movie advert (1980, november) ;











Matumbi discomix (1980, november) ;











Ital productions featuring Earl Zero and Peter Broggs (december,1980) ;











Greensleeves 1980 Christmas jamboree with Johnny Osbourne, Michael Prophet and Rod Taylor ;












Hugh Mundell Jah Fire LP (december,1980) ;













Burning Spear "Hail H.I.M." LP from december,1980 ;











Bunny Wailer sings the Wailers from february, 1981 ;
















Greensleeves presents Scientist and Michael Prophet LPs on february, 1981 ;















March, 1981 adverts from Starlight (incuding Lee Perry's Black Ark in dub) and Greensleeves. A mistake was made between them by melting the sleeves for Scientist Dub landing and Heavyweight dub champion (still the corrects pics were printed on the newt week issue), while Johnny Osbourne was the top artists for both adverts; 
























A Leslie King compilation for Island (march, 1981) ;











Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus live LP advert (march, 1981) ;







Third World label page on march, 1981 ;

















Ika-Black disco on march, 1981 while the pic was taken in Paris on late 80's with tado ;










Little Roy album from march, 1981 ;








Aswad showcase from april, 1981 ;













Trinity LP from april, 1981 ;










Sly & Robbie's Taxi imprint with stars like G. Isaacs, D. Brown, J. Riley, Tamlins, Uhuru and more (april, 1981) ;









Greensleeves presents Toyan and Eastwood & General Saint on may, 1981 ;






Next week advert - artists same as above on may (also july), 1981 ;










Count Shelly's Third World label with Johnny Clarke and Winston Wright (may, 1981) ;















Paragons LP with Bunny Lee and Bullwackie's (may, 1981) ;














Post Black Ark era from former Full Experience songstress Candy McKenzie (june, 1981), while Aura Msimang went in France to work with Maxime Leforestier ;







Peter Tosh great LP from june, 1981 ;






















Kingdom label advert for a Culture 12"45rpm (1981) ;






Kingdom again now for Scientist in the Kingdom of dub LP (july, 1981) ;





The famous "Three the hard way" dub LP due for release (both adverts from july, 1981) on Silver Camel ;











A Rough Trade advert for Eddie (T-T-T Tan Tan), Hugh Mundell and the Twinkle Bros (july, 1981) ;






Greensleeves' Wailing Souls and Toyan LP for Junjo (july, 1981)...











... and next week with the Black Uhuru remixed issue of earlier Prince Jammy's album (july, 1981) ; 











Two different Negus Roots adverts for Don Carlos and Lacksley Castell mainly (both in july, 1981) ;












UK Natty Congo label with Errol Dunkley and Noel Bailey a.k.a. Sowell Radics (july, 1981) ;









Dread At The Controls production with Earl Sixteen, African anthem dubwise and the second-ever one-rhythm album (the

first beeing "Yamaha skank") as "(Jumping) Master showcase" (july, 1981) ;








Taxi producers Sly & Robbie with the Paragons on Island (july, 1981) ;












On-U sound production of New Age Steppers' "Action battleflied" with Ari-Up (Slits) and Neneh Cherry (1st appearance as a lead vocalist) in august, 1981 ;














Gregory Isaacs new album on GG (august, 1981) ;












Black Uhuru with Sly & Robbie : Sponji reggae 12"45rpm (august, 1981),

















Carib Gems ad from 1981, december with Marcia Griffiths, Owen Grey to name a few ;



















Echo records advert from 1981, december with Augustus Pablo, Gregory Isaacs & more ; 



















Greensleeves with Al Campbell, Michael Prophet & DJ jamboree (1981, december) ;











Roots Radics at Channel One LP (february, 1982), often wrongly credited as a Bullwackie affair (it was only edited there)  ; 










Ariwa stuff with Davina Stone's "Love power" & other Aquizim, Sane Inmates & Mad Professor ;









Rico & the Special Aka single on february, 1982 ;










Copasetic advert with King Tubby's & Little Roy (march, 1982) ;












Jah Bunny supporting a new Cimarons album from march, 1982 ;













Mikey's Dread At The Controls outputs advert (march, 1982) ;










Another Greensleeves ad with Yellowman, Linval Thompson, Wayne Jarrett on march, 1982 ;












Channel One dub album from march, 1982 - mixed by Scientist ;












Scientist working freelance at Mark Angelo's studio while touring in UK and doing dubplates, with an advert for the King of the Dub Rock Part 2 album he mixed for Lloyd Coxsone ;


















Silver Camel issues on 10"45rpm with Gregory Isaacs & Al Campbell (april, 1982) ;










Prince Lincoln Thompson ...













... and more stuff from Count Shelly's Third World label advert from april, 1982 ;










Black Uhuru new LP from june, 1982 ;






Greensleeves advert with Linval Thompson, Hugh Mundell, Wayne Jarrett, Yellowman, Sinbad, Nicodemus & Toyan (1982, may) ;











The Roots Radics at Channel One on Third World (1982, may) ;



















Greensleeves hit again in june of 1982 with Scientist, Hugh Mundell and Freddie McGregor ;












Fred Locks, Sowell Radics, Aquizim, Chosen Few advert from june, 1982 ;

















A june, 1982 Vin Gordon a.k.a. Trommie or Don D Junior discomix ;












Cha Cha releases from the Revolutionaries, Bingy Bunny & Johnny Clarke (july, 1982) ;












Kingdom records from Roy Cousins with Ranking Joe & Scientist (1982, august) ;



















The Mad Professor strikes again with Tony Benjamin and the Sane Inmates (1982, august) ;







Phillip frazer and Peter Ranking & General Lucky on Silver Camel (1982, august) ;











Edi Fitzroy on Musical Ambassador (1982, august) ; 










UK Solid Groove label with Matumbi and two Wackie's album from Max Romeo and Horace Andy (september, 1982) ;












D.A.T.C. advert for 10"45rpm "Heavy-weight style" & "Rub-a-dub" (plus "Rub-a-dub dub") from september, 1982 ; 












Bunny Wailer tribute to Bob Marley on a Solomonic advert from october, 1982 ; 











Greensleeves again with people like Don Carlos & Gold, Yellowman & Fathead and more (october, 1982) ;












UK reggae inna Fashion with Johnny Clarke, Papa Face & more (october, 1982) ;












Prince Jammy & Black Uhuru in dub on CSA (1982, october) ;










Ariwa advert with Ranking Ann, Jah Shaka and Sister Audrey - to name a few (1982, october) ;







Best riddim section around with Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare for Island (1982, december) ;



















Augustus Pablo's Rockers meets King Tubby's ina Firehouse Shanachie advert poster ;














CSA advert with Don Carlos & the Aggrovators and Peter Metro, Captain Sinbad & Little John (march, 1983) ;

















The Viceroys produced by Linval Thompson on CSA (march, 1983) ;











Uhuru getting the Groucho Smykle dub treatment for the US, JA, German and French markets (march, 1983) ;











Jah Thomas do it again on the Midnight rock label with Anthony Johnson and Little John (march, 1983) ;




















The heydays of Vista Sounds with Earl 16, Leroy Smart, Heptones, Purpleman & friends, Brigadier Jerry, Taxi gang, King Tubby, Mother Liza & Pappa Tullo, Johnny Clarke (watch his performance on the "Deep Roots" TV set for this album) & Cornell Campbell, Gregory Isaacs & more (march & april, 1983) ;








May, 1983 advert for Greensleeves with Linval Thompson, the Meditations & Junjo stuff ;












Negus Roots catalogue with Don Carlos, Lacksley Castell & Progress (J. Reid) (june, 1983) ;










Sugar Minott heavy Sufferers choice (but the riddim still nice) LP and Vista Sounds ad (september, 1983) ;
















Next Vista Sounds advert with Horace Andy, Delroy Wilson, Cornell Campbell & more (september, 1983) ;








First one-rhythm-only LP advert, Yamaha skank on the Success label released in UK on september, 1983 ;









Negus Roots hits the street with the likes of Lacksley Castell, Don Carlos, Neville Brown to name a few on march, 1984 ;












Aswad special double plastic 12" with its dub on february, 1984 ;












Aswad greets all reggae music lovers & fans on march, 1984 ;

















Dennis Brown at Gussie's headquarters on february, 1984 ;










Greensleeves with Eek-a-Mouse, Yellowman & Josey Wales on march, 1984 ;



Jet Star distributing the Mad Professor, Eek-a-Mouse, Sugar Minott, Mutabaruka (on french ADA), the Lone Ranger, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Black Ark vol 2 LPs to name a few + some singles from Gregory Isaacs and 15, 16, 17 on march, 1984 ;



Wackie's House of Music 1984 sheet with people like Horace Andy, Azul, Bullwackie, Sugar Minott, Milton Henry, Annette Brissett, Wayne Jarrett & Jerry Harris ;














Greensleeves with Yellowman, Eek-A-Mouse, the Wailing Souls and more (july, 1984) ;












Island second issue of Uhuru's "Anthem" remixed by Groucho (july, 1984) ;





















July, 1984 CSA advert for the second edition of Prince Jammys dub albums with Uhuru and Johnny Osbourne ;








Vista Sounds advertising some Sunsplash lives (july, 1984) ;





















Aswad on the top again with two discomixes from 1986, january and june respectively ;

















Black Uhuru advert poster for the Great train robbery from RAS records ;















An Aquarius advert from the 90's :









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