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* The background pic (Jammy's giving a brand new King Tubby's dubplate) was taken from an old paper. If you are the owner of it & want I to remove it, please let me know. *

King Tubby's dubplate sleeves ;



















Stamps : Winston Riley's Technique Records and Osbourne Ruddock as King Tubby's ;







Lloyd (King Jammy's) James & Ruddy Thomas dub sleeves ;









Recycling : three examples of shortened 12" sleeves to fit 10" dubs ;








King Tubby's dub labels :

King Tubbys the dubmaster (right : Professor at the controls) ;













King Tubby's the dub inventor ;




















King Tubby's Waterhouse ;









King Tubby's Firehouse ;









King Tubby's special (& dub inventor on flip) ;










Prince Jammy's dub labels ;











A-Class studio dub label ;








JahLoveMuzik home-made dub label with Dennis Brown and Black Uhuru ;














JA Dubstore 10" dubsleeve ;













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