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Wackie's House of Music crew in  1983 with people like Junior Delahaye, Owen Stewart, Dougie Levy, Bullwackie & Jerry Johnson ; 















Five Arts 1977 "African Roots Act 1" LP produced by Clive (Azul) Hunt and Michael Anthony Laing (Mykal Jamaljah) and engineered by Prince Dougie Levy ; 















"Tribal war" from Little Roy on Lloyd Barnes (Bullwackie) & Melvin Jackson (Munchie) label and "Reckless Roots Rockers" on 1976 Rawse label from Bullwackie ; 














"Tribesman Assault" album with Prince Douglas, Jah Upton & Bullwackie and the Roots Underground ;  


































Bullwackie, sistren & Horace Andy ;













Heavy Love Joys LP from 1982 as bought at Blue Moon record shop ; 


















Earl Moodie & Tad Dawkins album recorded (Lloyd Barnes & Dougie Levy) & mixed (Dougie) at Sounds Unlimited studio ;  














The Heptones for Munchie Jackson and Max Edwards on a rhythm ("The pressure") featured on Five Arts' "African Roots Act 1" LP ;













Early Little Roy single with Bullwackie & Munchie Jackson (center), also producer for Tyrone Downie version of Bunny Wailer's Bide up with reasonning & Little Roy's Prophecy ;















Singles from Don Carlos & Wayne Jarrett (also pic) ;


Joe Morgan next songs to "Basement session" : "Foreign festival" and "Good to be there" with Tony Jackson as the Regals ; Joe Morgan earlier version of Don Carlos Black Harmony / Wayne Jarrett Let's live in love as "You let me down" ; 


















John Clarke "Recession" timeless recording ;













Early Charlie Ace on a Bullwackie's rhythm and Winston Shillingford for the Sylvesters brothers (many thanks to bro. Chris in letting me know) ;
















Next Jah I Maz tune at Sounds Unlimited studio ;















Jumbo Caribbean Disco 12"33rpm with Noel Delahaye, Barrington Spence & Johnny Lover ; Noel  Delahaye 7" from NYC ; pic of Mikey Jarrett, Noel Delahaye & Sugar Minott at Bullwackie's studio
















Jah Batta and Jezzreel disco from 1984 ;























Junior Delahaye & Jerry Harris disco from 1984 ;
























Early Sugar Minott & Jah Batta disco as Cool runnings / Sometime girl ;  
























"Wackie's selective showcase" LP with the Chosen Brothers, Noel Delahaye (Junior), Leroy Sibbles, Joe Axumite, Jezzreel, Wayne Jarrett & Horace Andy ;   


















Wayne Jarrett"Mini showcase" 10"33rpm produced by Sugar Minott & Lloyd Barnes - Leroy Sibbles played bass on "Truly" ;   















Super T with Jah Batta & Skatee 10"45rpm ; 












Itopia 12"45rpm with Fabian (Oral) Cooke on lead vocals & a Jerry Harris 12" (below) ; pic is Prince Douglas Levy ;  





































Three UK Wackie's singles with Joy Card, Annette Brissett and the Chosen brothers ;
















Sugar Minott telling it all about the real artists of old singing conscious words, with Dougie (Hamma) Levy at the board  ;  




















 Busty Brown using the Count Sticky & the Upsetters "Move & groove" rhythm for Brad Osborne's label ;












Horace Andy for Striker Lee ;





















"The sound of Macka dub" with the Upsetters, Glen (Capo) Adams & more, remixed at Bullwackie's ;  


















Clocktower most known label with part of the french Eiffel Tower - here for a Dillinger discomix (to make you jump and twist) ;














Linval Thompson "Mr. Bossman" discomix ; next label actuelly used for Dennis Brown "Time & place" ;











Brad disco sleeve for 12"45rpm ;


















Heavy Johnny Osbourne with Earth, Roots & Water and Willie Williams "Jahquarius", both for Jerry Brown at Summer Sounds ;  















Another Johnny Osbourne and Willie Williams records from Jerry Brown ;  













Jerry Brown roots 12"45rpm discomix "Dreadlock lady" ;  




















Noel Ellis Summer LP on its two different issues and mixes (with some dedicace from Jerry Brown) ;  




















Phillip Fullwood & Winston McKenzie dub album on the US Jah Marcus label ;













Horace Andy & long time spar Michael (Myrie Dread) Taylor for another Bowla/Checkmate 12"45rpm ;  















Moodies records, 3976 White Plains Road, Bronx NY ;  








Tad's Records Den, 3927 White Plains Road, Bronx NY ;  






















Strong US production from one A. Doeman - its label was taken from an old Ethiopian stamp (see pic) printed by the french (as any at the time) ;














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