Please find below some musical extracts, galeries & contact (veuillez trouver ci-dessous des galeries et contacts)


GALERIES of pictures of records (disques),
reggae records adverts and gigs (publicités de disques et concerts reggae),
MUSICAL EXTRACTS (courts extraits),
LINKS (liens). 
Any enquiry ? : please contact me 
Front page pics : Coxsone in his studio (mid 80's), Upsetter & Pisces ('88),
Alimantado at Blue Moon ('82), JA speakers, dubs. 
Special thanks to the following people for their help & support all these years : Brian "Icicle", brother Charlie "Outta", Olivier Albot, Greggie "Graal", Andrew "Tradition",
Gaël "Wailer", Fanny at Blue Moon, Domisoul, Marin "Deep Roots", brother Mark,  not to forget some rockers & lovers.